Since the prom is around the corner, we decided to show you some of our favorite dresses. They were tried out by Roxi, also known as Roxxsaurus on Youtube. We collaborated with her and we were thrilled to hear her opinion on JJ’s House prom dresses.

From the light blue dresses to the V-neck dusk gown – these are just some of the dresses she had tried out for you! Her impressions? Let’s check them out together.

Roxi said she waas getting instant Cinderella vibes, as she saw this dress for the first time. A light blue shade is perfect for all skin colors.

The length of the dress reaches the floor, even when you are not wearing any heels. The skirt has full volume and a side slit that is appropriate for prom.

Roxi admitted she adored light blue dresses. Her actual prom dress was in this shade so she decided to give this dress a try too. This dress has beautiful embroidery and cups on the inside. The straps fall down on arms, but they actually act to secure the bodice from falling down.

The center of the dress is made of nice and flowy chiffon, but the sides have lace panels with embroidery. These things make the dress look a bit vintage yet very romantic and elegant.